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Solihull Home Options

Medical Circumstances


Applicants indicating that they or anyone in their household has an illness or disability, which is affected by their current accommodation are requested to complete a Medical Questionnaire.

Designated staff within SCH Housing Options Team will assess the Medical Questionnaire, together with any relevant supporting information provided by, for example, the applicant's general practitioner, hospital consultant, or occupational therapist.  Professional advice will be sought from Solihull Community Housing's Medical Advisor as appropriate.

Assessments are made as to the impact that the applicant's current housing has on the health of any member of the household.  In reaching a decision consideration is given as to whether the overall impact on the household or any individual member of the household is sufficiently severe to warrant additional priority on medical grounds.  If there is no indication that current housing circumstances may impact adversely on the health of the household the applicant will be advised via 'user message'.  When the applicant logs into their application a message will show the outcome of their medical assessment. In all other cases the final assessment will be made by Solihull Community Housing's medical Advisor.

There are 3 categories of medical need:

Exceptional medical need- will be determined where the applicant or a member of the household has a life threatening condition, which is seriously affected by their current housing.  This will be reviewed after 6 months.

Urgent medical need- will be recommended where the current housing conditions are having a major adverse effect on the medical condition of the applicant or a member of the household.  This will be reviewed after 12 months.

Non urgent medical need- will be recommended where the current housing conditions are having a minor effect on the medical condition of the applicant or a member of their household.

These categories are prioritised in accordance with the banding system described in Prioritising Applications

Please note that we are currently experiencing high demand for medical and occupational therapy assessments.  We are working to process these as soon as possible but due to the high levels an assessment may take up to 12 weeks to complete.



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