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The information provided here can be used to help you decide which properties to bid for, by giving you a better idea how popular a particular property or area is and how long you may have to wait.

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Recently let properties for CBL - Advertised between 10/07/2019 and 16/07/2019

Bedrooms Property type Area Applicant band Address Effective date Property Reference No. of bids
2 Low Rise Flat (all on one level) Chelmsley Wood - Area 7 B BROOKFARM WALK Chelmsley Wood Solihull B37 6RX 28/03/2019 25991 84
1 Low Rise Flat (all on one level) Chelmsley Wood - Area 9 B CONWAY ROAD Chelmsley Wood Solihull B37 5LD 20/06/2019 25993 60
1 High Rise Flat Chelmsley Wood - Area 4 C2 DOWNING HOUSE Willow Way Chelmsley Wood Solihull B37 7PN 06/06/2019 25994 30
2 High Rise Flat Smithswood - Area 12 B CLARE HOUSE Barle Grove Smiths Wood Solihull B36 0UB 12/07/2019 25999 2
1 Low Rise Flat (all on one level) Smithswood - Area 12 B DAREN CLOSE Smiths Wood Solihull B36 0TE 26/06/2019 26000 40
1 Bungalow Shirley A ELIZABETH GROVE Shirley Solihull B90 3BX 19/07/2018 26002 25
1 Bungalow Chelmsley Wood - Area 6 B LONGLEY WALK Chelmsley Wood Solihull B37 7SD 20/06/2019 26006 15
2 High Rise Flat Kingshurst Hall B BANGOR HOUSE Forth Drive Kingshurst Solihull B37 6PJ 07/06/2019 26008 5
Offers are not always made to the top person on the shortlist, to cater for exceptional situations (for example, local lettings policy)





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