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Solihull Home Options

Your Right to Advice


You have the right to receive information and to request reviews of decisions.

Section 166 of the Housing Act 1996 contains provisions relating to the rights of applications to receive advice and information, as well as rights to request reviews of decisions made in respect of their applications.  In operating the scheme, officers of Solihull Community Housing will ensure that these obligations are met.

Applicants have the right to request a review of the following decisions  made in respect of their request for housing:

  • to reduce or remove preference under the scheme because of unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make him/her unsuitable to be a tenant of Solihull Council
  • that a person is ineligible for housing because of his/her immigration status

Any such request for a review of a decision should be made in writing to the Head of Housing Options within 21 days of notification of the decision.

Head of Housing Options
Solihull Community Housing
Endeavour House
Meriden Drive
B37 6BX

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